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What to Expect When You're Expecting (one of our plants)!

So, you've bought some plants from us (Thank You, btw)! But, you're now wondering what to expect while you wait for your plant to arrive and what to do now that it has arrived. Today, we are going to walk through what you will receive before your plant arrives as well as the steps to take once it finally gets to your door! 

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Waiting is the hardest part

Once you have picked your favorite plants or accessories from our shop and have successfully checked out, a handful of processes kick into gear.

First you will receive an order confirmation email from us. Second, you will receive the tracking information for your purchase as soon as we ship it. Third, you will get a notice informing you that your plant is out for delivery! If you live in a cold environment (typically November through April), then be sure to bring your plant in from the cold as soon as possible!

The Fourth part of the process is my favorite! Hopefully you have received your plants in the mail, and they have arrived happy and healthy. By now the final process kicks in by sending along a "Welcome" message informing you about our "white glove" plant care service. The service is meant for you to reach out to us if you have any questions whatsoever about caring for your new plant! Of course, you don't have to pay for this because we truly love our plants, and we want you to be successful plant parents!

But, now that the waiting is finally over (and you have your plants), what are the best practices for unboxing and initially caring for them? Check out this video showing the entire process, and then we will go into detail below!

Unboxing Your Plant!

We are very careful in the way we handle, wrap, box, and ship your plants. We want you to be just as caring when you go to unbox them. So, if you've watched the video above, then you're already ahead of the game. Regardless, here are the steps for moving from boxed plant to houseplant:

      • Lay the box flat on the table with the lid flap facing up
      • Position the box so that the heavier end is facing you
      • Open the box by cutting the packaging tape securing the lid flap to the box
      •  Gently remove your plant from the box and place the heavy side down (the soil/pot part of the plant)
      • Gently remove the paper wrapping surrounding your plant
      • If there is an inner plastic wrap, then carefully remove the zip tie securing the wrap to the plant and remove the plastic wrap
      • Remove the twisted paper covering at the top of the soil (helps to keep the soil from falling out during transport).
      • You have successfully unboxed your houseplant!

Unboxing is just the first step, however. Because of the low light conditions and jostling that occurs during shipping, your plant may be looking a little bit sad. Never fear, though! Simply do the following and your plant will be happy and healthy in no time:

      • Once out of the box and packaging, fully soak the soil until water is draining out of the bottom
      • Once the water has stopped draining, move the plant to a location with moderate light (bright light may shock the plant even more initially)
      • After a few days, move the plant to its final living space

With these steps your plant will look great again in no time. However, all of that jostling and shock may have caused a few leaves to turn yellow/brown or potentially break. Again, this is fairly common when shipping plants, and all you have to do is remove the discolored or broken stems. Your plant only really needs 3 to 5 leaves to be able to produce energy, so it will correct itself in no time!

That, my dear readers, is what to expect when you are expecting a plant in the mail from PlantVeritas!


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