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It all began from a love for living things

We love plants. And, we love sharing our passion for rare plants, the best tools & accessories, righteous soil, good literature, and comfortable clothing. From this perennial zeal for thriving flora, PlantVeritas was born.

Unripe Tomatoes on the Vine

Establishing Roots

My first experience with the propagation of plants came in the form of helping my parents in their vegetable garden. For longer than I can remember they kept a garden full of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and peppers, and, as a small youth, I would help them with planting, weeding, and harvesting. I'm sure I was more hindrance than help, but these early memories of cultivating living things continues in my own gardens.

So many of those early lessons form the foundation of my botanical senses. By carefully listening to our flora we possess everything we need to provide for them as they provide for us!

Mountains and lakes

The Academic Years

Imbued with the fascination for plants, I entered college with the grand ambition of becoming an Ethnobotanist (studying regional plants for their practical use). I was otherwise waylaid by the influence of formal, modern philosophy, which lured me from my fundamental love like a siren crashing my ship against the rocks.

However, while living in Boulder throughout my college tenure, I was never more than twenty minutes from mountain forests. These forests saved my psyche from whichever stressors were infecting me on a given day.

During my first trip through graduate school, I had the opportunity to volunteer at the Berkeley Botanical Garden! It was here that my mania for plants was fully reignited. They allowed me to join the ranks of plant propagators, and this taught me so many ways to respectfully multiply myriad fabulous plant species.

home office with computer and houseplants

The Corporate Years

Corporate life destroyed my [soul]. Through my roles as individual contributor, middle management, and senior leadership, I lost myself. I switched companies - from small retail stores to massive gigacorps - searching for that "right fit". None of them satisfied something that I had seemingly suppressed: caring for living things.

It wasn't until a particularly troubling event occurred during the first year of the pandemic that I awoke from my nightmare-fueled slumber. Over the course of six months I switched corpo jobs (yet again), started growing microgreens while selling them at my local Farmers' Market, rediscovered my deep emotional need to fill every space in my small house with rare and unusual plants, and began paving the path leading to PlantVeritas!

water propagating pothos


Eluding the reliance on the corporate world begins with PlantVeritas Online. I'm proud to offer my favorite curated houseplants, accessories, and liveries to everyone excited by the prospect of bringing some of these into their own homes!

This is just the start, however. There will be a real-life, brick-and-mortar PlantVeritas store surrounded by massive gardens, goats, ducks, and beehives. I'm happy you are here, and I cannot wait for the future!