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Mystery Plant Monthly Subscription Box

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Our Mystery Plant Subscription Box sends you a different indoor plant every month! The plants in this subscription box will arrive in a 4" diameter nursery pot. 

Each box contains a different, surprise houseplant, carefully selected by experts in the field to be a perfect fit for any indoor living space. This box is a great way to expand your indoor garden collection and introduce new and interesting plants to your home. Subscribers can look forward to receiving a different plant each month, giving them a chance to try out different varieties and styles of plants. This is an ideal gift for plant enthusiasts or those looking to add some greenery to their home.


Q: Will my plant arrive safely?

A: We are experts at packing and shipping plants. Our clever wrapping method ensures that your new plant will arrive safely to your door!

Q: Will I get the same plant as pictured?

A: We make every effort to make sure the plant you receive matches the one in the picture. However, all plants are living beings, so there will be slight differences to the one you get.

Q: Should I buy a plant online if I'm new to plant parenthood?

A: 100% you should! Check out our Plant Blog posts for care information or to help answer the Top 5 Most Common Questions!